Nikki Inc Mosaics

News & events

9th Sept 2011 – Bermuda Sun: “New courses to teach the magic of mosaic making” ­


28th Sept 2011 – Royal Gazette: “Children explore the world through Kaleidoscope”


13th April 2012 – Gibbons Passion & Fashion in Art Event, Bermuda


27th May 2012 – “An Evening of Art” at Muse Restaurant & Sky Bar, Bermuda


3rd May 2012 – City Art Festival’s “Art in the Dark”, Bermuda


14th May 2012 – Royal Gazette: “Last chance to see window art at Gibbons”


28th June 2013 – Bermuda Sun: “The Reefs is fired up over new Grill”


Born: 1967, Bristol, England 
Lives and works in Bermuda

Artist Statement: To challenge the perceived notion that mosaic art is just broken tile and glass is one of my aims as an artist when creating my 3D mosaic flower art.  Recreating my favourite soft, delicate flowers I see in my Bermuda garden using such a hard, rigid material such as tile, is a challenge I welcome to help create texture, interest and a little of the unexpected!

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 May – Kaleidoscopic Bash Exhibit – Select Works, The Elliot Gallery, Bermuda
2009 1in8: Busting Out! – The Elliot Gallery, Bermuda
2009 fourbysix exhibit – The Elliot Gallery, Bermuda
2012 April thru May – Gibbons Co Passion for Fashion in Art 2012 Exhibit, Bermuda
2012 May 3rd – City Arts Festival participant, Hamilton, Bermuda
2012 June 15th ­– Bermuda Society of Arts, Summer Members’ Show
2012 John Charman Prize Competition Exhibition
2012 Dec - "Beautiful Things come in small packages IV", Windjammer II Gallery, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda.
2013  May – Petals Flower Shop grand opening
2013 May-June - Bermuda Society of Arts Bermuda Heritage show "Colours, sights, sounds of Bermuda"
2013 John Charman Prize Competition Exhibition
2013 Dec - "Beautiful Things come in small packages V", Windjammer II Gallery, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, Bermuda. ​

2014 Nov - "Custom Framed", Bermuda Society of Arts, Hamilton, Bermuda.

Solo Exhibits
2012 Jan thru Mar – Bolero Restaurant, Hamilton, Bermuda
2012 April 27th thru May – Muse Restaurant & Skybar

Community Projects/Assisted Work
March 2012 – participated in a community project for Brooklyn New School and the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies.  Facilitated by Laurel True hosted by Janine Sopp and Barbara Galazzo. Assisted with setting and grouting. 

Professional Development
March 2012 – Participant in Community-based Mosaics, Facilitating and Creating Public Projects by Laurel True, Brooklyn, New York